Dated: 28th February, 2019

SportsCard Privacy Policy Notice

Sportscard is a social media platform for people in sport to showcase themselves and connect with the global sports community.

  1. Purpose for Data Collection: The purpose for the data SportsCard collects is,
    1. To allow Athletes, in the main, and includes coaches, scouts, managers, former athletes and administrators, to profile themselves and showcase their sporting achievements, ambitions and roles to the wider sports community via their own personal profile page. ie build their resume.
    2. to allow others such as, Coaches, Scouts, Player Managers, to follow and engage Athletes based on the information and data they publish.
    3. To allow the wider sports community of Sponsors, Educational Institutions, Recruiters and Retailers etc to follow and engage Athletes, based on the information and data collected.
    4. To allow Family, Friends and Fans to view individuals profile pages, and follow and encourage, their sports and career development.
  2. Type of Data Collection: generally consists of,
    1. Registration. limited to your First Name, Family Name, Email, Location (City, Region/State, Country only). All entered data will be displayed on the individuals profile page except for Email.
    2. Home Page for Athletes, Players. Once Registration is successful the Account Owner may enter their data, this Data will include Profile Data (general description), Games Statistics, Athletic Performance, Achievements, Career and Media.
    3. Information or Data entered using the Organisation method eg by a Club, Association etc on behalf of an Athlete may be restricted by the Club, Association and only available to their Staff and/or Athletes.
    4. Media content for uploading such as Photos and Videos.
  3. The legal basis for collecting this data is for the Account Owners self-promotion (resume) of their sporting career achievements and ambitions, to the wider sports community.
  4. Any legitimate interests pursuedby SportsCard, or Third Parties we use, are as follows,
    1. General sports performance data may be collected and passed on to legitimate Third Parties for analysis, without personal identification details, with or without consent, based on the type of data requested, ie private or public data.
  5. Special Catergories: SportsCard does not collect Specific Categories of Personal Data such as Race, Ethnicity, Religion, Political, Philosophical, Genetics, Biometrics, Health, Sex Life or Sexual Orientation etc.
  6. Protection and Wellbing of Minors: SportsCard is committed to the protection and wellbeing of Minors registered on our platform. SportsCard considers those under the age of 18 years, a Minor, and provides the following limited protection,
    1. Registration can only enabled by at least one responsible adult ie parent, guardian or carer who becomes the Account Owner.
    2. Display of Profile Information is optional by the Account Owner,
      1. as much of and whatever content the Account Owner allows.
      2. Options for Publication of Profile Page
  7. Private, can be viewed only by the Account Owner..
  8. Public within an Organisation or Team - by everyone Registered under their Organisation and/or Team structure.
  9. Public and Searchable - by anyone, anywhere who is an Account Owner within SportsCard.
    1. Wellbeing of Minors - SportsCard does not enable the ability for others to make negative comments etc, CLAPping only is currently enabled via the Feed. This function prevents any form of bullying or degrading individual personal achievements or outcomes.
    2. Contact Data is only via SportsCard in the first instance, then to the Account Owner. Details are requested from the Third Party such as Name, Company, Purpose for Contact and Contact Details. Upon confirmation, SportsCard forwards information to the Account Owner. Third Parties must be an Account Owner of SportsCard.
    3. SportsCard is confident that its processes, as outlined above, provide an ability for it to track issues that create concerns for Account Owners, and can raise those concerns directly with SportsCard by emailing SportsCard on [email protected]
  10. Terms of Data Storage and Deletion: Data is stored under the following conditions,
    1. For as long as the Account is active on the system.
    2. If the Account is inactive for a defined period of time, ie 12 months minimum, the Account may be deleted by SportsCard thereby deleting ALL information and data pertaining to the Account. The Account Owner will be notified prior to deletion as to options available.
    3. The Account Owner may delete their account at any time thereby deleting ALL information and data pertaining to that account.
    4. The Account Owner may request SportsCard to delete their Account on their behalf by emailing SportsCard at [email protected]
  11. Consent: By Registering on SportsCard, Account Owners are accepting this Privacy notice and are providing SportsCard permission to publish content that the Account Owner uploads, based on their Privacy Options, and to process that published data specifically for the purpose identified herein.
  12. Disclosure: SportsCard neither publishes, nor passes on private personal contact details or private data eg Names, Emails to any third party.
    1. Public Data as shown on the Account Owners’ Profile Page data may be passed on or viewed by a Third Party without the Account Owners’ consent. The data will not include personal contact details such as Email etc.
    2. Third Parties must formally request by emailing [email protected] the type and purpose of data required.
    3. An Account Owner may formally request their data be passed on to a Third Party of their choice by sending an email to [email protected].