Our Creation: Sportscard started as the brainchild of our founder who is a successful player manager, managing a number of international professional athletes. He could not be in every location at once to promote those athletes to the next potential club and so Sportscard was born.

Our Objective: Sportscard is about promoting kids and adults’ activity in all sports through positive encouragement and support from family, friends, and the wider sports community together. We want you to be proud of your achievements and post them. We want athletes to be followed and be seen by family, friends and the wider global sports community. We want to create as many possibilities for all athletes as we can, whether in sport, education or business.

Our journey is just beginning and now so is yours.

Be Proud, Be Followed, Be Seen and Get Connected.

Our Vision: To become the leading social media platform for sports community engagement globally. That encourages people of all ages, capability, code or culture to be active and healthy. We will provide each participant with many possibilities and opportunities.

Our Team: Our team is made up of like-minded people interested in sport, ie parents, grandparents, player managers, sports participants and business people.

Our Commitment: All of us here at Sportscard are committed in protecting the privacy and well-being of all members and we will do our best to ensure this happens. We are involved for the right reasons......healthy body, healthy mind.

To ensure the integrity of your information and our business all of our team have also successfully undergone Working With Children Checks and/or National Police Checks.

Whats Next: Sportscard has developed an exciting roadmap for the future and we welcome feedback from our members as to how we can best help you. We welcome everyone involved, in any way, in sport in to our social media platform. We hope Sportscard plays a part in your success in achieving your desires and ambitions whatever they may be, through sport.

Business Opportunities: if you are interested in a business arrangement of any sort please fill in the Contact Us here, telling us a little about your interest and we will reply as soon as possible.