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be proud

Create your very own profile, add your details, photos and game time video. BE PROUD of your achievements.

be followed.

Allow your friends, family or fans to follow your progress, see your profile and read your posts. BE FOLLOWED by the wider sports community coaches, managers, colleges, sponsors.

be seen.

Allow your profile to be viewed around the world. BE SEEN by the sporting, education and recruitment community.

showcase your skills.

SPORTSCARD is a social media network for all athletes in recreational, organised and professional sports or physical activity, providing a common unified place to SHOWCASE your, achievements and ambitions to the world.

community benefits.


You might be a runner, baseballer, basketballer, netballer, footballer, cricketer, dancer or walker: whatever your activity is, be proud!

Showcase your achievements to the world.

Your sporting world now includes extended family, friends, coaches, clubs, managers, codes, sponsors, educators & recruiters from all over the globe.

Show off your achievements and compete with your mates.

Create your profile now to show your family and friends.

Family & Friends

Know what your siblings or friends are achieving.

Let them know you are following them, proud of them and encourage them to stay in sport.

Be more involved in their activities and help create a positive environment for others to join in.

Clubs, Coaches & Managers

Search the world for the next club champion.

Follow players of interest, view all the detail to make the right decision. Contact players when the time is right and visit their next game.

Drive membership through a better understanding of the wider sports community.

Sponsors, Retail & Marketing

Search the world for your next sponsorship opportunity.

Search profiles, geo-target communities of interest and follow players of interest and see their follower community.

View all the detail to make the right decision and contact players when the time is right.

Universities & Colleges

Search the world for the next scholarship opportunity, perform profile searches and identify potential students based on real ambition and their achievements

Follow players of interest, contact players when the time is right and view all the detail to make the right decision

Local Business

Be proud of your involvement in Sport.

Connect deeper with your community, sponsor player awards and provide vouchers for equipment to encourage retention.

Advertise your involvement!


Richard Willis, Pathway Manager, Hockey NSW

"We have been working with SportsCard to help improve our process and communications between parents, athletes and coaches relating to our Centre Of Development (COD) Program. Coaches upload the IPP outcomes, including feedback on next steps, and is delivered to the associated communities across all of NSW registered on SportsCard. The collaboration and support from the SportsCard team has been excellent and we look forward to working with them into the future. Congratulations on the relaunch and great website team."

foundation members.

Hockey NSW

Hockey NSW

Hockey has been played in New South Wales since the early 1900’s. The NSW Men’s & Women’s Hockey Associations were formed in 1908, followed by the NSW Junior Hockey Association in 1960. These Associations eventually merged in 2004, forming a single administrative entity, known as Hockey NSW. Today, Hockey NSW comprises 27 Associations and approximately 30,000 registered hockey players in regional and metropolitan NSW. SportsCard is proud to have Hockey NSW as a Foundation Member.

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